Explore the limits of High Definition 3D Printing

The concept

SolidRay is a stereolithographic 3D printer kit based on DLP technology developed by Kitprinter3d for those seeking an introduction to high definition 3D printing.

Jewelry Designers

Castable resins greatly simplify the jewelry manufacturing process.


From digital to analog in one simple step, forget those molds and waxes.

Dental Labs

Scan, print and melt. Forget about those expensive CNC machines and waxes.


XY plane resolution: ideal for small-scale braille boards.


Resins as firm and heat-resistant as ABS o PLA enable you to print tiny cogs, usable nuts and bolts, or composite bearings, in one single step.


Save money when constructing mock-ups by printing your own reference plants and human figures in full detail.


DLP Technology Vs FDM Technology


Assembly time




Printing Speed

How so affordable?

At a price well below similar printers on the market, SolidRay suits every pocket, but how have we managed to keep the price so low?

The objective of the SolidRay Open Source design is to minimize as far as possible the number of costly parts produced when using injection molds. Melamine faced mdf structure and many parts of the resin container are therefore laser-cut and easy to supply.

To reduce costs, some of the parts have been taken from other, more highly industrialized sectors such as photography. The torque supporting the build platform, for example, is the head of a photo tripod, and the build platform itself is a rectangular aluminum sheet. And it is even powered by means of the well-known Arduino controller.


  • Its mirror projection system means that SolidRay will take up very little space on your desk, so it's ideal for offices or small design studios.

  • Open Source Software. SolidRay runs on free Open Source, Windows and Linux compatible Creation Workshop software.

  • Up to 0.04mm (40 micron) XY and 0.01 mm (10 micron) Z resolution. These are maximum values; ultimate resolution depends on DLP projector and the characteristics of the resin.

  • Printing volume: 85 x 60 x 170mm

  • Two color options: white or black.

  • Two system options, Flex Vat or petri+PDMS.

Items you can print

Amazing resolution like you've never seen before.

Materialize your ideas. Show your art.



Choose the bundle that best suits your needs.
  • SolidRay Kit (Petri edition)
  • No Projector included
  • SolidRay Kit (Petri edition)
  • ACER P1500 Full HD Projector (Recommended)
  • SolidRay Kit (Flex Vat edition) New
  • No Projector included
  • SolidRay Kit (Flex Vat edition
  • ACER P1500 Full HD Projector (Recommended)


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